The Fax

in collaboration with: Isa Kashi, Kaela Anderson, Kaya Benitez, Erin Byers

Strategy and design of the brand identity and product for a racial justice themed newsletter.


The Case

Task: To keep stories and updates on the racial justice movement top of mind.
Audience: Gen Z students and entry level adults who use social media as a primary source of news and information for the racial justice movement.
Insight: Social media works as a reminder of news stories, but lacks credibility and follow-through as a news source.
Strategic Idea: A short, digestible newsletter supported by Instagram updates and infographics.


The racial justice movement took over social media in 2020. Social media became a real time outlet for art, story-telling, protest organizing and news. When it came to news specifically, viewers experienced a total lack of fact checks and follow up on ongoing stories.


We chose to focus our strategy on young students and entry level adults who feel both pressure and personal motivation to keep up with the racial justice movement.  These people are looking to learn more about the movement, stay up to date with ongoing stories, and sustain the movement. They refer to social media frequently throughout the day, sharing posts with their friends, but have developed sensation fatigue to stories that trend for a few days, then disappear. They’re in need of a trustworthy system that blends seamlessly with their daily habits to keep them updated on the movement.


We aimed to understand how our generation experiences news. A survey conducted in March 2020 found that 61 percent of Gen Z respondents use social media daily as their news source, with Instagram as the most popular news source (Reuters Institute). However, only 50% of these users consider social media a trustworthy source (Y Pulse Survey Data). The only thing this audience uses everyday besides social media for news is email, leading us to believe our audience would benefit from a multi-platform news delivery: from Instagram for relevance and an email newsletter for credibility.

Key Insight / Strategy

Social media works as a reminder of news stories, but lacks credibility and follow-through as a news source.

We realized a merge of platforms, Instagram and email, could deliver a racial justice themed news source that was both relevant and fact based to our Gen Z audience. Instagram keeps content top of mind with posts that support the newsletter content, while the newsletter itself provides a deeper dive into “the fax” our audience deserves. 

Product Summary

The Fax is a weekly newsletter dedicated to providing younger generations with credible news on the fight for racial justice in the United States. Our newsletter contains short and digestible summaries about protests, legislation, and other stories related to the Black Lives Matter movement that has become widespread throughout the U.S. and beyond. Many of our stories, including both the news and our submission section “Blacktalk,” are covered in summary on Instagram.  


The Logo

The 1996 Fugees album The Score is the inspiration behind both logos. As the group formed in New Jersey, we decided to pay homage to our own Essex County roots through recognizing the impact of the album. To create the letters of both “The Fax” and “BlackTalk,” an original set of letters was designed to carry the spirit of the Godfather font (used on The Score) with greater rigidity.

Style Guide

Website Landing Page

The landing page for new subscribers to The Fax gives a synopsis of the project, a BlackTalk submission section, and a team overview.

The instagram feed for The Fax, which serves as a more playful, uplifting outlet featuring blurbs of our news coverage, relevant statistics, and IGTV with inspiring leaders in the racial justice movement.