Sport Pack

*patent pending

Designed a backpack to fit all aspects of an athlete’s lifestyle, with a separate compartment for breathability. 

The Product

The task: An open ended semester long design project 

Cardboard shoeboxes generate vast amounts of waste. I began this project looking to replace shoeboxes with a multi-use product at time of purchase. The final product diverged from its shoebox function and became an athletic bag that emphasized breathability and visibility for the items it contained.  

Sport Pack: a bag with a shoebox compartment that pays tribute to the look of the shoes while also ventilating them after wear. The bag can also fold into a shoebox shape to be a smaller, totally ventilated bag. The user can unfold it back into a bag with a dual zipper mechanism (see video below for a demonstration). 


The Sport Pack is constructed from a durable, waterproof nylon and a vinyl mesh. I quickly learned to sew to construct each prototype.
Branding Directions

Nike: Air It Out Print Campaign

Process Work

While developing this project, I taught myself to sew in order to fully construct each prototype independently.