Sculpture Coaster


Designed and branded a set of elegant coasters for engagement and play. 

The Product

Sculpture coaster is a set of coasters that inspires creativity, aesthetic, and engagement beyond their use underneath a cup. With joints that enable unlimited combinations, sculpture coaster can be a social activity, an individual brain puzzle, or a stationary art piece.


Task: design a mundane object (a set of coasters)

Emotionally, coasters reminded most people of the times they forgot to use them and disappointed their mother.  
Functionally, coasters have become obsolete, as furniture materials change to accomadate moisture or other objects are used in their place. 

Coasters needed appeal beyond their baseline function and standard aesthetic for users to pick them up. I began prototyping neon coasters that formed a game or a series of shapes. This set of experiments led me to coasters that could combine with joints, enabling limitless combination. A simple combination of opposites: triangles (harshly geometric) and circles (completely fluid) formed the most consistently beautiful combinations. 
The Logo

Because of the neon acrylic material, the rim of the coasters emits a light catching glow. I wanted to capture this delicate but powerful visual effect in the logo for Sculpture Coaster. Helvetica Neue Ultra Light offered the clean, thin linework needed while also offering legibility at a small scale. The logo symbol also reflects the connectivity of the joints and stark contrast the coasters make in any environment. 
The Packaging

Though playful, Sculpture Coaster is also sophisticated and elegant. The packaging reflects this attitude and is meant to be displayed on any coffee table or desktop along with the coasters.